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When Tom Cruise, with his boyish charm and million-dollar grin, walked down the runway adorning a pair of Aviators, little did he know the scene would be etched in public memory! Likewise, did Dan Radcliffe ever wonder that donning those round eyeglasses would create such a vogue? Back in the day, even the Roman emperors made use of glasses- the polished emerald green gemstones were used royally to watch the gladiators fight, way back in 60 AD. Such instances are aplenty, but the aha discovery is: few accessories have been able to cement themselves in history like eyewear.

In today’s day and world, everyone is posting the best of holiday pictures on Instagram, throbbing to dine out at the city’s new restaurants, waiting to review the latest blockbuster, indulge in the good things in life. Everyone is becoming a mini celebrity in themselves. Some more pronounced and some more subtle, but all-in-all everyone is passionate about identifying their distinct style, their distinct look. However, in this opaque eyewear world of pre-anchored prices and complex supply chains, consumers have invariably ended up shelling out a fortune for desirable glasses. That was the crux of the problem.

We pondered hard, we traveled to Italian streets. Landed upon the design house we thought was ideal for us. Turns out the same design house is home turf to many of most admired eyewear brands (that are priced north of 10,000). We wanted to bring those very designs to India. And yet, we wanted to make a difference. So we decided to own the entire supply chain, to offer price advantage to customers. And thus, John Jacobs was born, with the dream of making fantastic eyewear available at unbelievable prices!

Here’s how we cracked the mystery:

John Jacobs vs Optical shop

As we reflected upon what’s out there in the traditional eyewear industry, we realized some brands stood for a very high style quotient, uncannily all at a very high price. The other end of the spectrum was value, or low-cost eyewear but really drab styles! And thus, our proposition was born.

Seemingly evident from our inspirational Eyecons. John Lennon, whose musical notes created furor in the fashion circles too as much as those T-shades- 60s truly changed the world. And John Jacob Bausch, the founder of Bausch and Laumb, who empowered millions with perfect eyesight. And with that premise and inspiration, John Jacobs was born.

Behind the Scenes

Designing glasses is both an art and a science. Nothing beats the Italian craftsmanship. Each frame at John Jacobs is a work of great precision.

eyewear behind the scene

The finest of materials – from luxe traditional materials like horn, wood to avant-garde ones such as TR 90 are all used to create an eclectic mix of designs. And this makes us bring to you a collection that boasts of classic accessories, mixing ageless forms with a modern twist, represented by chic frames and refined lenses.

The Way Forward

John Jacobs started out with a bootstrapped web presence and a retail store in one of India’s trendiest markets (Khan Market, New Delhi) that stocked an interesting array of products. Product-market fit was a roaring success in what was virtually a non-existent category. Disrupting the status quo of plain vanilla white-boarded, eyeframe-pounded stores, we recently started our second store in Galleria, Gurgaon.

John Jacobs Gurgaon Store

All this while we keep our sights on an building an incredible digital presence!

Next Up!

Visit us digitally or in either location, pick up your pair for the occasion, wish us luck, and watch this space for more 🙂

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